Cobham geocaching

Yesterday we met up with some friends to attempt a few geocaches around Cobham in Surrey. We had no idea how good this area and surround is for caching.  Parked up near Claremont Garden and headed off into the woods...the wrong way. Quick backtrack and we were on course (this new geocaching app is taking a while for me to get used to).

Our first of the day was Levitator.  Glad we had our wellies here.  Frog city!  We hunted high and low for about 30 minutes and just couldn't spot anything.  Suddenly the shout went up from our 6 year old that she'd seen something.  We went over to have a look and yes, she'd made the spot. Worked out why it's called levitator now.  Great cache!  Fun retrieving the container and a definite favourite point. Is this a hint of caches to come here?  We did have to read some logs and looked at the picture which was more of a hinderance than a help.  Don't get hung up on the pics...they do seem to be random around these caches.

Fly Fishing was next.  Had a good hunt around again as GPS a little unsettled in the trees again.  Lots of cachers paths.  Hubby suddenly made a comment which made us all look around. He'd spotted it...but how to get it.  Apparently there was an implement nearby.  I took our 6 year old off to look whilst hubby and other hubby spotted a likely substitute. It didn't fit but with some whittling with the geo-penknife, it worked. Just as we arrived back with the proper implement.  Still quite a tricky one to get and put back.  Another great cache.  Yes, these were not going to be easy 35mm film container ones - hooray for that!

Crazy Cachers
Off we walked to Stone me, what a view.  The cache was spotted in seconds of arriving by our eagle-eyed 6 year old again.  First time our friends had seen such a container so a great one for them.  A strange box near the tree - some kind of electronic measuring tool? Took some photos on the bench, and then headed down the steps.

Opposites Attract was next on the hit-list.  Standing on the bridge, I had a suspicion of where the cache may be.  The children were busy running around under the bridge and then one spotted something.  Yes!  A bit of working out what to do and the cache was in hand.  Very muddy under there and glad we had wellies on, although one nearly got lost sucked by the mud.  Put the cache back (which was equally fun) and off we went.  More favourite points awarded.

Leviathan was next. This was not an easy cache to reach with the path that we chose to take.  Oh dear. I nearly lost my welly. We got tangled up in wild rhododendron plants. Slipped on logs.  Got splashed with rather brown water and went up what felt like a slippery mountain.  Finally got there in the end.  Great ammo container with two travel bugs in, so we took one each to move along.

Far Out Man was next and it became obvious where we'd have to go for this.  Other hubby was keen to get stuck in and headed out at the root.  A jolly good search turned up nothing. I was reading through some logs and suggested it may be further out that we first thought.  He removed boots and socks and went for it.  His wife was videoing just in case he fell in (which I think she was almost hoping for *grin*).  We knew this would be hard by its rating but despite a good 40 minute search by him, nothing was turned up.  Our first DNF.

Sadly, this is where we encountered two very ignorant ladies with their two dogs.  The dogs ran over and we called to say could they please call them back as we had two very frightened children (I was batting one dog away and even our friend's child, who has a dog which was with us, was getting scared.  All children were shrieking and my two were crying - hardly unnoticeable).  The women point-blank ignored us! WTF? We were in a state of disbelief!  We asked again and still nothing. I had my arms around my two with them at my back keeping the dog away. The women called their dogs as they walked past us.  Really? Wish I'd have photographed them. Unbelieveably rude, ignorant pigs - no other way to describe them.  Shame we had children with us or they'd have been told what I thought of them.  Why would anyone be like that?  

Bless the next lady who came past. She put her dogs on a lead. I'm glad to say we encounter far more people like her than the others when out caching.

Calm restored, and other hubby returned to the bank.  He trod a branch down, which slipped under his foot and shot up between his legs. Fortunately, despite a gasp from us all, it was a few inches too low to do damage *grin*.

We headed back towards the car park and went in to try Deep Cover on our way.   This was another one where we searched back and forth, read logs and were thrown by a photo on the log.   We were here around 30 minutes and about to give up.  Other hubby went up one tree and had a good search around but nothing to find. I was looking up another tree and made the spot.  Wow!  That is a long way up.  Up he went to this next tree and made the retrieve for us.  Brave in walking boots that were quite muddy. So pleased we found the cache in the end.  Bit worried about all the broken branches though!  He made it safely down in the end.  Good joint effort here.

A lovely few hours of caching. We'll be back to do some more of this route again.  A lot of effort went into the containers and made this a challenging but fun ring.


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