Monday, 14 August 2017

Oxshott Geocaching

We're on a roll now!  Out again today to do a short loop in woodland in Oxshott.  Oxshott Heath 1 was our first of the day.  A quick spot by our youngest and off we went.

2 was a very quick find by my goodself.  Yay!  I've still got it *grin*.  No. 3 was spotted by 8 year old.  Signed and now it's sandwich time.  

4 was another quick spot by me.  I'm enjoying nosing into the nice back gardens around here.  5 was hard work.  Compass was going bonkers under the trees so we had to walk back and forth a number of times.  Whilst I was still scratching my head, our 6 year old spotted it.  

6 was an easy spot by 6 year old again but more 'sticky' than I was hoping for when I trod in some dog poo that stuck to the bottom of my welly.  How disgusting....  After much scraping on the path and poking at said welly with a stick to remove the poo from the grooves, we were back off again.  I have to say, it seems no-one around here cleans up their poo at all. The whole place (particularly near car parks) was full of it!

7 was an immediate spot by our 8 year old, who is now an old hand at these type of caches.  Nothing has surprised her today yet.  8 was a great little side tracked cache.  We hunted round one area and then thought about it a bit more and headed to another and bingo!  Find by hubby. Swapped a couple of pieces of Lego the girls would like for other toys from our stash.

9 was one for me as I was in jeans, and hubby was in shorts!  Very nettly here (is that a word?  Should it have an 'e' in it? Whichever, my tablet doesn't like its spelling).  Cache just laying on the ground.  Umm...

10 was an easy spot as the 'camo' is a bit on the bright side *grin*.  Covered up much more. Swapped a couple of items for the children.

We went to Valiant as our final cache. Whilst we could clearly see it, neither of us adults wanted to climb in wellies, so we just left it be.

I have to say thought, Oxshott - you need to clean your act up.  The whole of this walk, bar one or two odd spots, was just dog-poo city!  Absolutely the most disgusting place we've walked around for that in a very long time.  

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  1. I agree with your final comment about the dog mess. It's always been dreadful around there but it seems to be getting worse! Why can't people pick it up. I can't let my toddler walk away from me much here for fear of treading in some/falling in it. It's everywhere. We have a dog and always pick it up but we certainly seem to be in the minority. Shame.