Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Sunningdale Geocaching (again)

We met up with friends today to do some more geocaching. This time we were around Sunningdale (where hubby and I previously got a few).  A new stretch of loop for us.  We parked up by the playground (as we'd be back for that) and headed off. Our first of the day was Stone Church.  We weren't quite sure where to go for this one and originally went into the church, before realising we were too far up still.  Walked down the path a little further and searched the obvious 'stone' thing.  No joy.  Headed over the road the the bench to gather our thoughts and that's when I made the spot. Yay! First one in the bag.

Bit of too-ing and fro-ing across the roads here as it ran out of path quite quickly as we headed down to the 2nd of  the day, Foundations.  An excellent spot by my 8 year old here.  She handed me the object but it took a few seconds for my brain to compute that the weight wasn't right!  A great cache and a favourite point here.

Gateway was fun.  Hubby got a bit over-excited thinking he'd made an early spot of the object before we'd arrived but alas, he was at the wrong one.  It was still ahead some 20m.  Spotted quickly myself but left Lysverity to get the 'find' here, which she did (eventually with a few hints).  She is laughing that she's not got her 'cachers eye' in yet.

Insider Spider was a quick find by my 6 year old and all the children thought it was great!  What a lot of work to make this cache fit well.  Much fun jumping back and forth over the little gully by the children.  Man busy mowing the fields (seems he crops up a lot in cache logs so he must do it almost daily!).

Coworth Camo took us far longer than it should have done and after about 20 minutes of poking in holes (children found a rather perturbed toad!) and nearly having eyes taken out by twigs, my 8 year old made the spot. We all stood back - as many other cachers have done judging by the logs - and wondered why it had taken us so long.  Great little find.  Horse riders going around the field waving to the girls.

We have to say The Barn looks rather nice. Didn't even know there was a restaurant around here! Tree Tunnel 1 was a very quick spot by Lysverity, whilst some of the children scaled the opposite bank (and fortunately listened to us saying not to come back down the same way, but to walk along).  

Means to an End had us rummaging by some private gates at first - oops!  Then we walked down a bit further and hubby spotted the culprit.  Nice, cheeky hide.  Pedantic hubby said it wasn't a bolt end but I pointed out that it depended on your point of view.  We then had fun jumping and walking between Surrey and Berkshire, much to the children's amusement.  Seems Surrey was more popular.

A nice walk back to the playground where we all had an ice lolly and the children played.  Another smashing walk around collecting caches.

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