Why do I keep things 'for special occasions'?

I have a habit that I'm sure was passed down by my mother and has hung around me ever since. I keep things 'for best' or for 'special occasions'.  Why?

I need to break this habit. I tried to once before but it didn't quite work. I still managed to buy clothes that weren't suitable for anything other than going out for a posh meal, whilst living in the same pair of jeans and 3 tops.  I honestly thought I would wear more of my wardrobe but I failed.  I'm going to do it now though.  I am...honest.

The trouble is that things I really love and think make me look extra nice, I still keep for 'best' or a 'special occasion'.  However, I am having almost no 'best' days right now so they are happily hanging around in my wardrobe, aging, but still looking fantastic, because I never wear them.  I have dresses and shoes that are probably 15 years old that are immaculate.  Argh!  This is utterly pointless. I stand in front of the wardrobe every morning wondering what to wear and ending up with the same 5 outfit combinations because I bypass all the 'nice' stuff.  What's wrong with me?  


Just nipping out to Sainsburys...
So, I've bought some more very nice dresses that I can dress up or down. I can (and do) wear them to work but I can also put on some sparkly earrings and heels and wear them out.  Well, I say I 'wear them out' but that is another small issue.  Stay in them around the house is probably more accurate.  Not that I strip off when I walk through the door you understand, just that I often take work clothes off and put on old jeans and tops or jogging bottoms.  Poor hubby never sees the nice stuff, just the tatty me.  

It's the notion of 'out' that is something that rarely happens.  This is for a few reasons.  Firstly, hubby and I only tend to go out occasionally as we need babysitters.  The 'occasionally' has devolved into annually - for our wedding anniversary - if I'm honest. In fact, this year, we just went out to lunch for it with the children so we didn't even dress up a bit.  Oh well.

Secondly, neither of us are great fans of eating out.  We used to like it and do it a lot, but then children came along and we've simply got out of the habit.  We sound like a misery old couple at times...[looking at a restaurant menu] "£28 for a fillet steak? I could buy two lovely ones and all the trimmings in Waitrose for that!".  You see my issue.

Thirdly, and probably most significant, is that we spend more on the children than we do on us. I know, who doesn't right?   But there's usually something they need or have grown out of, so they take priority and then I just feel we can't justify £60 on a meal for two.  We have been a bit more savvy of late and tend to wander off to Pizza Express when they have a deal on (but even that's rare).  We have been out, out 3 times this year though.  Steady on!

I'm sure most of this attitude stems from when I was a child.  It must be a generation thing that my parents had things 'for best' in the house.  This included the dining room table - which was never used unless we had people to dinner as we all sat around the Formica one in the kitchen - crockery, cutlery, clothes, shoes, jewellery and even linen.  I seem to have inherited this madness trait.  I could understand if I lived a whirlwind lifestyle of dinner dates, appearing at premieres and generally being in the celebrity eye but I don't.  I go to my part-time job, collect the girls from school and take them swimming or to Brownies. Not much need for a long, black, silk dress with a pashmina then.  It is clearly noticeable that I tend to be in the same clothes because when I put on a different top, or wear a dress, both my girls notice and comment.  Gosh, how boring must my clothes be?

The other odd thing I do is hold on to clothes I am (a) never likely to wear again as they are more suited to a film premier than the premier inn and (b) clothes that are gorgeous but far too small for me!   Because I'm really likely to get down to a size 8 again in my dreams.  Somehow I keep looking at them and saying "I may slim down" or "I may want to wear that again one day". I'm not sure how often 80s fashion comes back but if it does, I'm set for life!

I will still keep a few things for best as you can't garden in a jewel encrusted ball gown and nipping to Sainsburys in an 80s jump suit my elicit a few odd looks, but I'm going to do my darndest to actually wear the clothes in my wardrobe.  

This post was brought to you by me, sitting in my same old jeans and a different top (mainly because I've put my usual one away as summer is over). 


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