Halloween fun

We had a pretty sedate halloween this year.  The girls did a little 'treat or treat'-ing around our close neighbours and then we headed off for N's swimming lesson.

After that, we went to our local Pizza Express for dinner together.  A final trick or treat at a friend's house on our way home and that was it.

Why so low key?  Well, last year a few things happened. Firstly, all that 'killer clown' nonsense was going on, which honestly put me off somewhat.  Secondly, greedy children turning up at our door thinking it was acceptable to put both hands into the sweet tin and empty it.  I slapped one on the back of the hand and he dropped all the sweets - greedy little git!  Thirdly, I actually think halloween is another of those irritating things that has arrived from our cousins across The Pond and really should have stayed there!

Is there a word for a halloween scrooge? *grin*


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