Ottershaw Geocaching

We met up with two lots of friends today to have a wander around Eli's Walk cache series.  We managed to park in the two separate car parks and wait for each other.  Fortunately hubby said "do you think they're here yet" which prompted a phone call to find we were opposite sides of the field *grin*.

Eli's Walk 1 was our first cache.  A good spot for the children.  We spent quite a while here waiting for them to decide what to swap!

Eli's Walk 2 we missed at first and then was spotted by one of the 9 year olds. Why didn't we see that?

Eli's Walk 3 was another quick spot.  This is a lovely walk around the woods.  The colours of the leaves are stunning.

Farewell Ottershaw was my 900th geocache!  Yay!  These caches are all child friendly and they are enjoying them.  Eli's Walk 4 was a fantastic cache. Have seen this type before but this was incredibly well hidden!  We were all searching when I heard something hit the ground. One of the youngest ones had knocked it off.  A bit of a search in the leaves and it was spotted.  Fantastic!  Definitely a favourite point here.

Eli's Walk 5 was a bit difficult. Our GPS's were all pointing in different directions!  How weird. We'd spotted something immediately as we got to this area but dismissed it due to the GPS keeping us walking forward.  We now investigated that again.  Yes, cache was there.  Eli's Walk 6 was a fabulous ammo tin. You don't see too many of those now so a nice find.  It's just starting to rain a bit harder so we're heading back to the car now.

Eli's Walk 8 was our last one of the day.  Awful here as it is dog poo city. 3 poos around the normal rubbish bin alone :(  Why can't people pick it up.  2 of us stepped in it.  Finally found the cache.  Seen lots of these but never one this colour.  How weird.  Great spot by one of the adults though.

It was lovely to get out for a nice walk together.  Fortunately the weather held off until the end.  Definitely a great set for children.


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