Thursday, 28 February 2013

Impetigo in children

Day 1 of impetigo
Poor little S.  She has had chapped lips for a few days and has complained of them feeling sore.  Yesterday she used her chap stick before nursery but when she got home, the area under her bottom lip had gone very red indeed. She said it hurt a bit and we put a little bit of Sudocrem on (no Vaseline in the house unfortunately) to help keep it moist and stop it hurting. Hey, if it works for tiny sore bottoms, it would work for sore lips right?

Last night a 'spot' appeared on her bottom lip. Oh no, must be a cold sore. I popped a Compeed patch on (couldn't find anywhere that it would be unsuitable for children and it can't hurt surely) to help her as it was feeling very sore. Off she went to bed.

This morning when she woke up she clearly didn't have a cold sore. I was convinced she had impetigo and looked it up. Yep, sounds like it. Carefully peeled the patch off and put the towels she has used in the wash and got her a 'special one' just for her face.  Phoned the doctors and off we went.

I expected the doctor to give us some Fucidin cream as it seems that is the common prescription for impetigo and therefore I wasn't too concerned about a bit of the scab peeling off with the patch as the medical websites said that the scabs had to be washed off carefully before applying the cream.

After our usual 1hr 10min wait (our doctor is great but boy can he chat!) we saw him.  He took one look at her and said she had quite a bad little impetigo infection.  He prescribed an oral antibiotic which she started straight away.  Why oh why can't they make these things taste less disgusting for little people? It was foul (I tried a tiny bit) and she cried taking it.  I have a supply of chocolate buttons ready for the rest of the doses as it's 4 times a day for 7 days.  Also bought some Vaseline to make sure her lips stay moist.  She's still got a bit of Sudocrem under her lip in the picture if you wandered what it was.

Impetigo is caused when the germs get into your body, mostly around the mouth, from cuts or sores.  The doc said that her having chapped lips was a good way for it to start.  She's had a bit of a cold too which hasn't helped so a bit run down I guess.

At least she's off nursery for the rest of this week and not back until Monday anyway so no need for her to miss anything (not that they really would miss much at her age).  No swimming tomorrow though which is a shame but after 24 hours on the antibiotics she won't be infectious which is good as she has a friend's birthday party on Sunday.

It seems that impetigo is very common in children.  It looks worse that it feels (she told me) but you need to be so careful as it can be passed around the family quite easily.  S is brilliant at not touching or picking spots or such so I know that she will be good but it's N I worry about as she loves to poke a spot on your face!  S will have to be prepared to bat her away but so far she's been good and just asked about it so we told her and said not to touch.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Hanging about in the wardrobe

Just off out to do some gardening
I have made a decision. 

I am no longer keeping any clothes 'for best'.  Well, that's a minor untruth because you aren't likely to see me out geocaching or hanging around the school gates in an evening gown, but you get what I mean.

It occurred to me the other day that I seem to be wearing the same clothes repeatedly and yet I have a wardrobe of quite nice things.  Why is this?  Well, things that I really love and think make me look nice I keep for 'best'.  However, I am having almost no 'best' days right now so they are happily hanging around in my wardrobe, aging, but still looking fantastic, because I never put them on.  This seems utterly pointless.

Now, in my younger days, I had good clothes on most of the time (yeah, I slobbed out too but who doesn't?) and then had even better clothes for going out to dinner, balls, theatre, etc.  This was all between my eldest growing up a bit and my youngest being born.  Now I find that I am living in two pairs of jeans, one pair of boots and half a dozen different tops.  

One of the big wake up calls was having some photos taken lately when we've been out. It looks like I only have the one top.  Yes, every single picture over the period of a few weeks in December and early January, I was wearing the same top!  WTF? My wardrobe is bursting with tops.  I was keeping the 30 nicer ones 'for best'.  Not any more.

Some of this stems from when I was a child.  It must be a generation thing that my parents had things 'for best' in the house.  This included the dining room table - which was never used unless we had people to dinner as we all sat around the Formica one in the kitchen - crockery, cutlery, clothes, shoes, jewellery and even linen.  I seem to have inherited this madness trait.  I could understand if I lived a whirlwind lifestyle of dinner dates, appearing at premieres and generally being in the celebrity eye but I don't.  I'm a (mostly) housewife having fun with my girls.  It is clearly noticeable because when I put on a different top, both my 2 and 4 year old girls notice.  Gosh, how boring must my clothes be?

So, I am changing (my clothes). I am going to wear the high heeled boots to pick the girls up from school. I am going to wear the Monsoon silk top to go to Sainsburys and I am going to wear my sparkly earrings for hoovering.  Of course there will always be the few things that I really am not going to wear during the day (no, not like that) such as my ball gown and various other dresses that I have.  I'm not sure gardening in stilettos will be high on my list either, but you get the drift.  Perhaps there will still be some best things after all then but not nearly so many.

This post was brought to you by me, sitting in my old jeans and the same top I've been photographed in for the past 2 months.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

You can only play with Marmaduke and Esmerelda

Sorry Wayne, you aren't welcome here
A friend sent me this article that appeared in the Daily Mail written by the horsey looking Katie Hopkins.  Let's face it, it's not like she ever wants to court controversy is it.

Basically what she is saying is that she chooses her children's friends and if not quite so obvious at times, she directs them to play with certain children and not others, and most certainly not any child called Charmaine!

She wants them to mix with the right children who have good influences around them.  That is fair enough.  Let's face it, doesn't every parent?  I certainly wouldn't want my children mixing with a bunch of aggressive thugs. Would any of us?  No, of course not.  So, it seems I agree with her.  Or do I?

The article really is laughable.  She really does come across as a pompous, ignorant, snob.

To quote her:

"At the risk of sounding snobbish, I also favour children who have good old-fashioned Victorian names such as George, Henry and Victoria. And, if a child has a name with a Latin or Greek derivation such as Ariadne or Helena, all the better. It indicates the parents are well educated."

This from a woman who has India, Poppy and Max as names!  Oh dear.

Worse was yet to come.  She asked her 8 year old daughter which children she enjoyed playing with and got this response:

"The children who come to school on time and wear proper school uniforms are the nicest and most fun," she told me.  "If children don't put any effort in, I don't want to play with them."

I am sure the invites to tea are simply flooding in...

If she's so worried about bad influences, why doesn't she simply remove the issue entirely and send her children to private schools where they are highly likely to mix with 'the right sort'?  Mind you, the 'right sort' may not want their children anywhere near this preposterous windbag.

Can you just imagine what it is going to be like for her and her children at the school gates after half term?

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Why does anyone care what you wore?

What I wore Wednesday (night)
I don't get it.

I'm not being rude (ok, maybe I am but who cares) but why on earth would Mrs Average Housewife take photos of themselves on a set day of the week and post those images on Twitter and heaven knows where else?  (Just to reassure you, that's not me on the left - I'd love a pair of legs that slim!)

Firstly, who needs to know you are in a Primark top and Next jeans?  Some take it to a whole new level and add every item of jewellery, footwear and hair accessory they have on too.  Do we care?  No.  What are you trying to prove?  Are these people so desperate for any kind of recognition?

I don't get it.

I can understand following a celebrity and admiring their lovely clothes and shoes.

I can understand young people wanting to emulate their musical or movie heroes and heroines but do these people seriously think that the Twitterverse will rush out to buy their M&Co ankle boots? If they do, they need to see someone about their delusions.

Worse still are the 'mutton dressed as lamb' photographs. Heaven help me.  You cannot and should not wear leggings once you are more than a young teenager. My extremely slim 14 year old daughter won't wear them anymore!  What are you thinking Mrs 30+?  There is no leg shape for leggings other than that of a young child. My 4 year old looks good in them but that's about the age limit they should be aimed at.

As for your Timex watch and Accessorize earrings, unless I'm a burglar and you're showing me some serious gold and diamonds, why would I care?

I can only assume that these poor women (this is not something you see men doing you notice) have such sad, lonely and shallow lives that this is all they can muster to try and get a few little words of praise through the anonymous people who follow them on Twitter.  Makes you wonder what else is going on in their lives.

You may think "is she jealous of the lovely outfits?".  No.  To be honest, I have seen a few (let's face it, it is a weird thing to post and does pique the curiosity) and I wouldn't give them wardrobe room.  Of course, each to their own but owning a Primark skirt isn't my idea of 'making it'. I'm not vain enough to dress up and pretend I haven't (which, let's face it, is probably what most of these people are doing).  Oh come on, do you honestly think they just put on the outfit because they wanted comfort and style?

Like I said...I simply don't get it.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

New Friends

We met up with some new friends today at RHS Wisley. Steph and I have been Tweeting for a while now and a few weeks ago we had our first 'Tweet-up' at a local garden centre cafe. We got on very well and it was lovely to meet someone whom I had chatted to for years already!

Today we met up at Wisley with her daughter E and my two girls.  I was surprised upon arriving at 10am to see car park attendants guiding people in.  Then it dawned on me - it's half term.  It was already very busy.  Being a bit cheeky, I decided to hop the queue and head down to the second car park where I pulled into my favourite space easily. 

I'm pleased to say that our girls got along really well and new friendships were made.  While Steph and I had a good natter walking around, the girls ran, skipped and held hands playing around the garden. It is so lovely to see such young children taking turns, leading the way and having fun.  We spend 2 1/2 hours just strolling around Wisley in glorious sunshine and blue skies.  Here is a little montage of our morning.

You may notice rather a large queue in one picture. This was around 11am and these people are queuing to go and see the butterflies in the glasshouse. I am so glad that we have seen them already three times as I wouldn't want to wait an hour to do so (as lovely as they are).  The joys of children who aren't yet at full-time school should never be underestimated!

Having stopped for a drink and cake at the cafe by the glasshouse, we headed back along another route towards the exit.  A very enjoyable meet up and chat.

Back to the car we headed.  I was surprised to see one vehicle parked on the path as we got to the car park.  The laziness of some people is astounding!  

N was asleep in the car pretty quickly but perked up as soon as we got home so her and S are now playing in the garden.

We are looking forward to meeting up with our new friends again soon.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

How to become a boy

Here is another fab conversation with my four year old daughter today in the car.

S: "Why aren't we going geocaching with Lana today?"
Me: "Because it is cold out and you've just been swimming and your hair is wet."
S: "I don't want to have wet hair and catch a cold or I will turn into a boy."

So, now you know!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Butterflies (again)

The rain has held off and no more sleet for a while so we decided to go to our favourite place, RHS Wisley, and see the butterflies again.

As the last time we went, they had only just started, we thought it would be nice to see how many were around now and we weren't disappointed.  It was nice to get inside the glasshouse too!

S enjoyed using our camera to take some photos of her own. I think she is quite the budding photographer.

Busy taking her own photographs

S knows not to touch the butterflies, even if they land on her.  "Their flying dust will come off if you touch them and then they will die" she told us.  I think that's fairly close to the facts :)

Butterfly spotting

There certainly were more butterflies around this time and they are so beautiful, dancing through the air.

Not a leaf, a butterfly in disguise
There is something quite magical about seeing such exquisite creatures in the warmth of this environment in the middle of winter.  It has made me wish summer would arrive though.

Monday, 11 February 2013

My Headache and Brilliant Teen

On Saturday, I woke up at 4am with the mother of all headaches (no that's not me in the picture, I really couldn't photograph myself with a headache and I certainly wouldn't look anything like that good with no make-up!). Not quite a migraine (although I called it that) but bad enough to make me feel really ill and for even the tiniest movement to feel like I was on some wild roller-coaster ride.   I had taken some tablets a few hours before but they weren't helping and the youngest two were calling to get up.  There was no way I was going to be able to function this morning and hubby was at work.

I shuffled into my teens room and had to prod her awake.  "Can you do the girls for me please sweetie? I have the most awful migraine".  She was up like a shot, no problem mum, and in she went to get the girls up and down to breakfast.  I shuffled back into the bedroom and disappeared under the duvet for another hour or so.

At one point I could hear N at the bottom of the stairs shouting "Mummy!" at the top of her voice. It seemed to go on forever but I knew J was with her so there clearly was nothing wrong.  J had gone to the toilet and, of course, N decided this was her chance to wake me up.  

I got up a little later to happy playing and a DVD entertaining the girls.  What a super job J had done.

We had some lunch and then, oh no, the headache started to come back and I felt very, very sick. Not good.  I asked J if she would mind looking after her sisters again while I had a lay down. No problem she said.  This girl is awesome!

Off I trundled to bed for a second time and slept for another 3 hours having taken some more tablets.  

I have no idea what is causing my headaches but I'm keeping a note of them as I'm beginning to wonder if they are hormonal :(  One thing I can say is that while they are pretty rough, I'm touching wood here (well, MDF at least) and saying I've not had a *proper* migraine in years now I'm pleased to say.  I used to get those ones that any sound would make me want to cry, the tiniest movement would make me sick and then doing either of those would make the migraine worse.  

I felt much better when I got up and the girls had been very happily playing in the lounge with their big sister. They were delighted to see me with N shouting "Mummy, you're back!" at me.  I hadn't actually gone anywhere but out of her sight but bless her, she likes me around.

J earned herself £10 pocket money for that and she deserved every penny.  What a total star my teen has been this weekend.  Without her help, I'd have had to call hubby to come home from work which would not have been good.  

You see, teens are super-duper when you really need them to be.

Of course I should mention that she spent the rest of the weekend with her head at 90 degrees texting but that's just fine after all she did for me ;-)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Pay me more or no eBay doll for you!

Yesterday, after some squabbling over the only Barbie doll in this house (the girls, not me), I decided to buy another one so they had one each.  Oh how I wished I'd not given all J's dolls away some years ago. Hindsight huh?

Anyway, checking out the prices on Amazon, Argos, Toys R Us, etc I was shocked at how much these dolls were. Anything upwards of £15.  Most more like £20-30.  What?  Will it do my ironing?  Would it stop N's tantrums in their tracks?  Now that I *would* pay for!  Not being totally gullible, I decided to turn to my old friend eBay.

I found a few dolls for sale and decided to put a bid on a couple.  Well, it's worth hedging my bets and at low prices and £1.90 postage, I was up for a gamble. I bid up to £2.84 on one and won it at £1.70 (whoopie) and £1.70 on the other but it went for £1.80 in the end.  I had achieved what I wanted. I had a Barbie on it's way.  I paid instantly with PayPal.  It was coming 1st class so hopefully it would be here by the weekend.

Today I receive this from the seller:

"I wanted to post today your doll, but the post office want to charge me £3.65 just to send it to you. Would you be able to pay the difference £2.75?"

As you can imagine.I'm less than delighted and also I'm not a mug. I know exactly how much it costs to send a package by Royal Mail (£2.70 if you want to know) 1st class up to 750g.  Weighing the Barbie we had, she was only 125g so unless the seller was sending her encased in concrete, she couldn't cost more than that to post.  I was being asked for an ADDITIONAL £2.75. That made postage £4.65.  So where did she come up with that figure when she had just told me that the Post Office wanted £3.65?  I smell a rat (or a rip-off merchant more like).

I replied:

"I'm afraid not. I cannot see how they can possibly ask for that as I have a Barbie here and she only weighs 125g. If you pack her into some bubble wrap or a padded envelope, she will still only weigh around 175g. As you can post a small package up to 750g for £2.70, I'm baffled as to what on earth the Post Office are talking about.

I have made errors on postage costs myself but have had to deal with it as I consider it's not fair to ask a buyer to pay more when you've set a price.

I look forward to receiving the doll."

About 10 minutes later, a notification pops into my inbox.  My PayPal payment has been refunded with an email from the seller saying:

"I refunded your money back."

WTF?  I reply:

"Not acceptable. You have made a contract with me. I am now speaking to eBay as I do not see why you should not honour it. You cannot just decide you've made a mistake once a listing has ended and withdraw your item."

At this point I am on the phone to eBay.  No way is this woman going to get away with this.  She has sold 15 dolls yesterday all with £1.90 postage.  Are all these people going to be stupid enough to pay her MORE for postage?

Look, I've done it myself.  You put in a 'guesstimate' and when you weigh the item you've sold, you suddenly find you are down on the money, or worse still (as happened to me once) it has actually cost you to sell it!  Now I use kitchen scales I'll have you know.  That being said, never, ever would I look to the buyer for more money. I have sucked up the loss and sent the item.  Lesson learned.

eBay say that they will deal with her and say I can leave reasonable neutral or negative feedback. Guess which I chose?  They also informed me that she cannot leave anything but positive feedback for me as they disable the other options - nice!  Somehow I don't think I'll be getting any feedback from her.

Here's her feedback. Accurate I'm sure you'll agree "Refused to sell when I would not pay an additional £2.75 postage! eBay aware."

An email then comes in from her again. It says:

"I am sorry, yes I made mistake about postage and I am very unsatisfied about postal charges as well. I do not send parcels regularly, so didn't know how the prices went up. I honor my time and my items and not willing give them for free. I asked you for cooperation and if you don't want to pay, I refunded your payment. I don't believe in bulling and pressure. Some my parcels before went missing and I refunded my customers in full even postage as a good gesture. I see you are selling on ebay as well and had mistakes done, as you said.
I will relies the doll again, but with correct postage. If you would like to bid, you are most welcome.
Sorry for inconvenience."

I didn't reply.  I was losing my temper and was likely to tell her exactly what I thought of her and her suggestion. Is she totally f*cking stupid?  Yes, clearly is the answer!

So, ice_berry25 you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting (love a bit of Knights Tale).

eBay is a great place to find a good deal most of the time with some super buyers and sellers, but ever so occasionally you find a total scumbag like this.