Thursday, 11 February 2016

Blue Peter Smelly Sock

S is beyond delighted today.  She was watching Blue Peter (as she always does) and what should appear but the 'smelly sock' she sent in for Sports Relief.

Sock is in the middle of the presenters, pink peg
Not only is that just so cool, but then, much to her (and our) total surprise, she only went and got a mention too!


Suffice to say, we have one seriously happy little girl tonight.  Thank you Blue Peter - you've made her year!


Spring has sprung in our flowerpots and garden.  I'm just hoping that the snow does not arrive this weekend as predicted as it would be a shame to see all the colours vanish under a blanket of it.

The girls love this time of year when the blooms start.  Winter seems somewhat colourless in comparison.  Roll on summer as I'm after planting all my pots up into bursts of colour again this year.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

BFG and other Roald Dahl books

The girls loved watching Matilda on TV, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on DVD and reading The Magic Finger so I decided to get another couple of Dahl books. Although both girls read very well themselves, there is something special about that time when mummy or daddy reads to them. I still remember my own parents reading to me, especially my mum, so I want to hang on to this as long as possible.  The first book of Dahl's I'm reading for bedtime is The BFG.

I started reading it to them tonight and they both love it.  The chapters are very short so I think actually it would be a good book for them to read themselves.  I love the way it is written and decided to look for a few more books.  It was then I saw a great deal on Amazon for 15 books for just over £20.  Bargain! I've bought them and will sell on the 3 I have now (which will soon be duplicates).

It's always good to get something the girls really enjoy to read to them. Our last book was The Faraway Tree collection of 3 books in one and they lapped these up. I had the constant cry of "Just one more chapter please mummy" whenever I finished reading (even if I'd already read 3 or 4 chapters that night).  Let's hope that all the Dahl's are just as successful.

Only problem is...doesn't the BFG die at the end?  I'm worried about that as S, in particular, doesn't do sad endings very well.  Oh well, I've started now...

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Blue Peter Badge

S has been beyond delighted of late. She received her Blue Peter Badge (Blue badge) in December for a lovely piece of art she sent in to the show about her visit to the Hawk Conservancy Trust last year.  She did wonder if she would get a badge as it takes a little while to come through but then we came home one day to find the badge had arrived. What an excited little girl and wow!, how worth it is a Blue Peter badge!

She can get into all sorts of attractions now for free up until she is 16 years old. That is amazing isn't it.

She's now applied for her Purple Badge and will be eagerly awaiting to see if she gets that as well. She'd quite like to be a Blue Peter presenter when she gets older she's told me "doing art on the show".  Go little one!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

DVD or Sky Movie?

Hubby and I were relaxing last night going through the 75% of recorded stuff we have on our Sky box unable to decide what to watch. This is a common occurrence in our house.  I suggested we watch a new film - Legend - and perhaps just get it on Box Office.  Looking at the price, it was £5.49 for HD or £4.49 for SD.  Now, is it just me or is that a pretty high price?

Legend [DVD]

You see, I can buy Legend from Amazon on DVD for £9.99 or Sainsburys for £10.  For that, I can watch it as much as I like.  I can buy the film and DVD from Sky for £13.99 and for that I get to watch it as much as I like on my Sky box (or tablet or phone if I wanted to see it on such a small device). If I can do that, why would I want the DVD then? It doesn't make sense to me.

The other issue I have is that when I watch a Box Office film from Sky it's in stereo. Yes, you heard me, stereo. None of your surround sound. Oh no.  BUT when I watch a normal film on one of the Sky movie channels, it's in glorious surround sound.  I'd like to know why this is as clearly Sky can give us multi-channel output so why make the sound so crap on their Box Office selection which we have to pay for on top of any subscription to their services?  Sky - would love to know your answer to this!

So, I hesitated over the 'purchase' button to have the film for 24 hours in stereo but then fortunately common sense kicked  in and I bought it on Amazon instead.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Flowering Bromelia

Sounds like a Cathering Cookson novel doesn't it, but it's not. I popped down to my favourite garden centre - Longacres - the other day and picked up another house plant, a Bromelia (yes, and I bought another pot too). Isn't it fantastic?

Within a few days it has begun to flower! I was stunned to see purple flowers popping out of it.  It's already an amazing colour and has become a firm favourite of mine.  

It's sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen (with all my orchids) and seems to be very happy there. It gets a good deal of light but not direct sunshine until mid-afternoon.  It also gets a bit steamed up at times in there with cooking so it's quite a tropical environment for my plants *grin*.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Snowmen (very small ones)

It snowed today. Just a little. Enough for the girls to want to go into the garden to build a snowman. Some ingenuity by hubby to scrape snow from my car, the climbing frame and trampoline and they produced these.  Two happy girls.