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Dissidia Final Fantasy

I'm very excited!  Why?  Dissidia Final Fantasy that's why.  Anyone who knows me, will know that I'm a Final Fantasy addict. I love it!  It's my favourite series ever and when I don't have one to play, I'm a bit lost.

Recently I finished Final Fantasy XV - what a game!  I'm therefore very much looking forward to Dissidia coming out. Yeah, before you say it, I know it's not a typical Final Fantasy game but an arena battle.  What the heck. I'm still excited about it.

I love so many of the characters that are going to appear in the game and know so many from previous games I've played.  Favourites are always going to be Sephiroth, Cloud and Kuja. I'm pleased that Noctis is also appearing but a character I think was really under-developed in Final Fantasy XV was Ravus. I'd love to see him appear in Dissidia as well.  Maybe he'll come along later.

I've managed to pre-order my game today and can't wait until 30th January when it wi…

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