About Me

I'm Krista and I'm mum to three gorgeous girls born in 1998, 2008 and 2010.

I am a bit of an intermittent blogger.  I have spells where I produce a lot of posts (mostly because I am happy or ranty about something) and then I often go through total wastelands where there are more tumble-weeds than posts.  Some of this is to do with not wanting to write too short a post.  However, I think a few lines is sometimes better now than War and Peace every time I type!

My family and I are RHS and National Trust members and enjoy getting out for walks together and exploring new places.  We are also avid geocachers.

You can trust me - I'm a doctor!  A philosophical one, not a GP.  I obtained my PhD in 2016 (thesis entitled 'Crowdsourcing for Heritage: The Changing Role of the UK Heritage Sector).  I am also a PhD tutor (occasionally), a visiting workshop/seminar tutor, an online course tutor and an administration officer at my university (part-time for all of them), as well as an independent recruiter (when my clients need me) and a full-time mum outside of school hours.  I also help at my girls' school with both testing children on maths, along with being on the e-safety team and running the school Facebook and Twitter pages.

I have a PlayStation 4 too and have rocked my way through Final Fantasy XV.  Clearly I needed something like that to fill in my spare time... *grin*


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