Monday, 30 December 2013

One geocache at a time

I got out!
Croaking away today still but decided to go and get a geocache.  Dug the teen out of her room and off we went together while hubby looked after the little ones.  We had a nice walk to the site chatting away and then headed into the woods.

I'd managed to solve this puzzle about 8 months ago but had kept it for an odd day I needed as it's local.  Today was the day so Barley Mow Tavern here we come.

First tree we came too looked a likely suspect and I spotted a place to stick my arm but nothing there despite a good root around.  Wondered off a bit further but nothing else looked good for a hiding place.

Back to the tree and then teen saw another option to put your arm in.  She didn't fancy doing it despite spotting the cache so I did.  Nice easy retrieve.

Hooray, another box on my caching days completed.  Not that I'm likely to get my 365/6 days of caching for another few years at least I'd imagine as I have most of January and nearly all of February (remember the snow we've had then for the past few years?) to do.

We walked back a different way taking us in a complete circle which was nice.  Unfortunately we hadn't put our wellies on and it got a bit..err...muddy on the way back. I think I'll need to wash J's baseball boots in the machine!  She mentioned about water squelching around her toes...nice.

Just a tad muddy

Next one I need now is New Year's Eve so no doubt I'll potter out to get that one too with her.

Looking forward to catching up with my bestie in the New Year and putting the PowerMonkey to go use!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Cough, croak, wheeze but I have a PowerMonkey

PowerMonkey rules
You guessed it. Illness is sweeping the house as tends to happen at any time of year where we, as a family, actually get some quality time together.  Why do the bugs know this too?

First S had a bit of a cough and cold but she got over it quite quickly, well before Christmas.

N started her cough on 23rd December and it's become worse.  An incident on Boxing Day where she seemed to struggle for breath between coughing meant we ended up with a (very nice) paramedic being sent out to us by the computer at the new 111 service.  The flow-chart said we needed one. I was hesitant as if I thought she'd been that bad I'd have taken her to A&E but the lady on the phone was insistent.  He arrived, did some checks, noted that she was drawing breath in quite hard but by that time I'd used an inhaler the doctor provided some years before and she was getting better.  Throat a bit sore but only a mild temperature.  Kept an eye on her overnight.  She was brighter the next day but then by the afternoon the cough got worse and at 5pm I took her to the doctors.  She has a bit of a chest infection (although not wheezy) so has
antibiotics now.

I can hardly speak. I'm pretty sure my husband is pleased about that secretly.  I'm croaking away and puffing away (due to my asthma) but not needing the doctor yet.  Strepsils and Beechams are the order of the day.  You may wonder what this has to do with the picture?  Well, I got a PowerMonkey for Christmas. If you don't know what that is, it's a great rechargeable gizmo that can plug into almost any device you can imagine and give it a charge/power it for a period of hours.  Why am I so excited about this?  Well, I'm going to use it for geocaching of course but being ill, I can't get out to do any...arghhhh!!!!

We are going stir crazy.  None of us are good at being stuck in the house even when surrounded by a plethora of toys or feeling too rotten to go out anyway.  I'm hoping we'll all be better next week and able to get out and about again.

Don't think we'll be awake at midnight on New Year's Eve so I'll wish you a happy one now.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Jingle Bells

Two very excited children on Christmas Eve.  Unfortunately our plans of Santa filling the stockings as we went to bed were dashed by N's rotten, hacking cough.  I had already given her some cough medicine and Calpol but she was having a right old time of it. Oh no, hopefully she won't be unwell for Christmas Day!

I set the alarm for 1am in the hope that she would have settled well enough by then.  S, on the top bunk, was fast asleep (they ignore each other's noise completely). I then thought maybe I'd better set the alarm for 3am too in case the cough was still going on at 1.  Finally, having not had any sleep anyway as I was in and out for her cough, hubby and I stuffed the stockings and put them back on the beds.  Unfortunately we need bigger stockings for next year as most of the presents didn't fit so we laid them next to the stockings.

We now went to sleep hoping the girls didn't wake at 4am!

Fortunately for us, they didn't get up until 7.30am which was brilliant.  You can imagine the squeals as they saw their stockings and then came out of their bedroom to see Santa had left some crumbs of his mince pie and Rudolph had eaten the carrot (those two can certainly eat - just think how many houses they visit).

Down we came to Christmas music and opening presents.  All the gifts went down really well and they have been happily playing with just about everything since

Happy Christmas to you all.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Stenciling the walls

We recently bought the girls bunk beds.  Unfortunately they aren't quite the colour I wanted (looking more for pine) but at the bargain price they were, colour became less important.

Before summer when hubby is likely to sand them down and varnish in a lighter colour, I thought it would be fun to find some wall stickers. However, having read all about them, it seems that most don't stick well to walls and peel off.  Some are hard to apply and others you need to glue on. None of which appealed.

I therefore decided to paint some stencils on the bunks.  You know, make the dark wood look like...well, a tree...and add some owls and leaves, etc.  I therefore looked for some suitable images.

I found some gorgeous looking owl stencils on eBay and duly ordered them.  Unfortunately when they arrived, the owls were too big for the head of the beds or the rails. I really should have got my tape measure out as the lady who provided them could tailor to most other sizes. Oh well.

The girls were excited about the stencils so I decided to do the wall instead.  Give it a splash more colour.

It took a day to do but I'm pleased with the result.

S said that she can't see these stencils properly from her bed (the top bunk) so they are N's.  She therefore wants her own.  Over the last two days I have done her 3 owls on branches too right next to her bed rail.  She is delighted and I'm pretty pleased.

A nice way to brighten up a room and add some little fun characters.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Queen said thank you

Much to S's delight, a letter arrived today with a Royal seal upon it.  It was very carefully opened (by me I hasten to add) and I read it to her.

You should have seen her face. She was beaming.

How wonderful. Taking the time to respond to a little girls picture.  Fabulous.  It's going to be framed.

S wanted to know if the Queen had put it on her fridge. I said she probably did just like we do with the girls drawings.  We then had a conversation about what she might keep in her fridge.

Well done Buckingham Palace. You made a little girl very, very happy indeed.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Monday, 4 November 2013

Wisley Walk

Today was inset day for S (N had to go to school) so we decided to have a fun time together and head off to our favourite place - RHS Wisley.

The A3 was chock-a-block due to an accident but we only had to squeeze on and off again quite quickly, thankfully.

Not busy today in the car park as I think the rain and chill kept some people away but lots and lots of childminders and children around.  No buggy for us so up the steps we went.

We walked up the hill, glorious sunshine coming down as you can see.

This time we turned left and headed into another area we didn't know and hadn't been to before. 

Hard to believe I know when you think how many times we've been to Wisley.  Sandwich stop first though.

A good walk around watching steam rising where the sunlight hit the damp wood and trees around the path then back towards the main area.

Over and...


Of course we had a quick look in the glasshouse which seemed even hotter today.

Lots of the plants outside were covered with plastic and a few surrounded by straw to save them from our frosts and cold.

Another super walk and so nice just being S and I for a change.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shamley Green Amble

Off we go
J has headed off with the cousins to Chessington today (fright night type event) so we decided fresh air was needed and jumped into the car to walk a ring at Shamley Green, near Guildford.  A lovely village indeed.

Parked up opposite the church, having overshot the car park twice!  You just couldn't see it at the top of the hill and the church was set back from the road so we only saw it when heading back into the village after we realised we'd now left it!

It always makes me laugh in car parks. The whole thing was empty bar our car.  Two others pulled in as we were setting off and guess where they parked?  Yep, one either side of my car!  They even got out chatting to each other to take their dogs for a walk.  Aren't people funny.

SGB Shamley Green Bipedal Motion 01 was our first cache of the day. A nice little walk from the car park but the GPS decided to play up and take us around 20m past the actual location. A bit of too-ing and fro-ing and suddenly I spotted it.  Dropped off a little yellow duck TB I'd picked up in Hemel to carry on it's journey.  I was a bit thrown as I put my hand into my rucksack pocket to find it and there was no sign.  Slightly perplexed, I emptied the pocket and then realised there was a hole either side of it.  Putting my hand into the lining of the rucksack, I found the two TBs, my tweezers (wondered where they had gone) and an old shopping list (as you do).

SGB 02 was a very quick spot as there really weren't many places it could be to be honest!  As I signed the log I suddenly realised I'd forgotten to sign SGB 01 as I was hunting the TBs down in my rucksack.  Oops!

SGB 03 was a relatively quick spot too and the girls retrieved this one as the dog walkers headed back having had their walk.  Dropped off a 2nd TB from Hemel in here and away we went up the little road.  S was hungry and had a sandwich and N was complaining already about being tired and her legs aching. This is the norm when we are doing something she doesn't want to do.  I suggested if she was that tired she had better not go to her little friend's Halloween party tonight but she said she wasn't that tired.  Umm...

SGB 04 was another quick spot in an obvious place.  Lovely houses around here and such a nice, quiet area.

SGB 05 I thought I saw a good place as the GPS took me past and into a bit of treeline where a small stream was running.  However, once I had crouched under the branches, snagging my rucksack, it decided to point back to where I'd come from. Yeah, thanks.  Back I trundled and there was the cache in the place I'd glanced at as we'd come past.  All signed and back in place. Neat little hide.

SGB 06 was to be my 600th cache (yippee - does a little dance).  Nice easy spot along a piece of road with no paths.  Clearly the locals are used to driving slowly around here, thankfully, so we waited for a passing car before carrying on our walk.

SGB 07 was a quick spot but owch! the prickles and stingers while making the retrieve. More sandwich and crisps by the alleyway before we went through. Wonder what the householders must have thought of this strange family picnicking standing on the pavement passing out food.

SGB 08 was a quick spot by hubby as we approached.  Different side to the one I thought it would be on though.  N was now asking to go home and we explained we were going back to the car but neglected to mention the large circle we were walking in.

Off we went to SGB 09 but at the end of the road, N was getting really grouchy so we decided to call it a day before poor hubby had to carry her around the rest of the ring and cross over and head back, taking in the back part of the loop.

We sat on the bench while hubby took a look at Cricket Pitch Micro #21 Shamley Green but said there didn't appear to be anything there.  I took a cursory look too but considering the clue and comments from previous DNF's, it seemed to be gone again. With people working on the house opposite and the position of the cache, seems maybe someone was getting rid of it.  Posted a DNF for this one.

SGB 25 we seemed to manage to get to via a different route as we were not following the main circuit now. The footpath had warning signs to carry on at your own peril due to a dangerous tree that they were awaiting tree surgeons for.  The GPS settled at GZ nicely though and there was the obvious location.  Nothing. Just in case I was going mad (and seeing the hint), I checked the other end of the gate too. Hubby checked the opposite gate just in case. Nothing there. There was a new padlock on the gate so think it probably had been removed.  Logged another DNF here.

SGB 26 also appeared to be missing.  The clue was very straight-forward and yet there was nothing here either.  As there really wasn't anywhere else to look, another DNF, rather frustratingly, was logged.

We headed back to the church and S wanted to look around so we took her for a walk around the grave stones. She wanted to know who the people were and then looked at the poppy crosses by the War Memorial.  Finishing up we crossed the road and I collected Church Micro 754 Shamley Green quickly while hubby got the girls wellies off in the car.

A good walk and we'll be back to finish off the loop soon.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hemel Hills

It was like a ravine over there
Went over to see friends with the girls today as hubby was working and we were going to pick up a few geocaches around Hemel Hempstead.  I had no idea it was so hilly (although I have been there before quite a few times in the car - never walking though).

The storm was due today so we were being a bit cautious and keeping an eye on the weather but under blue skies and a bit of wind, we set off and it was the same when we arrived.  Perfect caching weather - not too hot.

Having had a drink and a natter, we jumped into two cars to go to Antscroff's cache, Whomping Walk, which was local.  I had to find this one.   GPS was bouncing around under the trees on the footpath when we arrived and S and I headed up a bit further to look before it swung back around.  By this time, N, who was with G, had spotted the cache and claimed it.  Not bad for a 2 year old!  She did a wonderful replace but tried to push it too far in and I thought for a moment she was going to follow it to its resting place as she went head first down.  Fortunately she was ok with just a little scratch to show for her stumble.  

Back in the cars, dropping one off (why were we in two?) and off we went to Felden to pick up a few on a little circuit we had spotted. Nice convenient bit of parking and away we headed up the hill.  We got to the top and saw...another hill.  How hilly is this place?

Our first cache was Staggering to Bovington #18 Deep in the Rough.  Which pub had the CO's been to or were heading for we wondered.  I'd not be too keen to stagger anywhere round here for fear of rolling down the hill and ending up on the M1 heading to Milton Keynes!  Yes, it was steep. Did I mention that?
A nice easy spot for N again.  Nevermind having the name Bashtastic - it should be changed to Cachetastic now don't you think?  Signed Team MadAnts for us all (saves putting 5 names in the small log and seems to sum us up).

Away we went to Staggering to Bovington #17 Big Old Holly which was aptly named.  A good spot by Ant, all signed and away we went.

Staggering to Bovington #16 Bury Wood was next on the list.  An easy find for the two little cachers who enjoyed showing us oldies how it is done.  Delighted to find some swaps which they always enjoy.

Staggering to Bovington #15 Herts Way took us up past some nice houses and yep, up a bit more of a hill. We'll need oxygen soon! However, the rain started a little and we decided that it would be better to head back towards the car in case of the storm arriving earlier than planned.  A quick spot for the cache and we were off back down the road.  At least it was downhill all the way now.

Back to A's house for some well deserved soup and crusty rolls and another chat before we decided to walk our late lunch off by collecting a couple of local caches.  Yes, they were uphill.  How did you guess?  The friends had both done the first one so off I went to find He ain't heavy, hes my breathren which was a very quick spot. Felt a bit obvious though. Little cachers stayed on the other side of the road.  Two TBs in the box so I decided to take them both as hubby and I are off on caching adventures next week during half term so we can move them both on quickly.

Just around the corner was one more cache that G and I could find. G had tried this before without success so we thought we'd give it a go. As we almost reached GZ, the drizzle started again but G had not put her waterproof back on so we'd have to make this quick. GZ was an interesting place indeed so we set about searching for Squirrel Paradise Island hoping the locals didn't think we were a weird bunch ambling from tree to tree.  After a good look around most of the suspects, nothing was to hand so I ventured over to the most likely one again.  Looking around I suddenly spotted something laying on the ground about 3 feet from the tree. There was the cache.  Previous logs had said it was on the ground too and had been replaced by those finders so I'm guessing that the squirrels do not like this foreign object around their homes and are tossing it out.  G and I signed and I popped it back in a likely looking place, hoping it was wedged in enough this time.  Rain falling a little heavier now so back to A's for a few minutes before we jumped in our car to head home having had a very nice walk around.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Little Missenden Geocaching

On Sunday, I was rewarded by hubby with a well-earned bit of self-indulgence to go out with my friend G to have a good old natter and collect some geocaches. I should add this was due to a particularly difficult week with the girls that had stressed me out somewhat - yep, general bad behaviour at bedtimes! To say I was losing the plot was an understatement.  I needed a break - argh!

G and I decided to meet at the mid-way point at a pub then go for a nice walk seeking out Tupperware.  As we checked where to meet, I think it occurred to us both that it would be nice to beat our last record day of 19 caches.  Who knows, maybe we can do it today?

We parked up right beside Toby's Lane and were going to start with the PM caches there which are all about Shakespeare.  Sadly, neither of us is any good at quotes from his plays and therefore after trying in vain to find the second cache, having given up on the first, we turned around and headed back to the pub to have a drink and a packet of crisps and regroup.  Having made the locals laugh by G ordering crisps only to be given unsalted ones (eugh) and me heading in to ask for salt, we were away, this time off to do a nice circuit that we had planned anyway, but adding a few more to make up for the lack of Toby's Lane ones.

Our first cache was Connect 4d which was one of a set of 4 linking caches between two sets of circuits.  A nice easy find once we got to the right place and we both dropped off our travel bugs.

Connect 4c was right opposite some cut down trees and the smell of the wood was wonderful. Boy this is a busy little place though.  Stealth (or trying to be a bit discreet) was near impossible.

Connect 4b had us confused as we were sure the clue item wasn't what was suggested. A bit of searching and we found it.  Not sure I'd call that a 'platform' either but the log was signed so that's all that mattered.

Connect 4a was well camoflagued, quite naturally now it seemed.  G and I were busy admiring an 'invisible horse' to get this while the muggles carried on going past.  The field was also busy with scouts it looked like doing some kind of raft/bridge exercise.

Shardeloes - Moorhen was next. The scouts were too busy to notice us.

Shardeloes - Jay was a quick find but I nearly wiped G out on my way back down. It was a bit steeper than I thought.

Shardeloes - Swan was one that G made a bit of extra work of by heading round completely the wrong way. As for me, I was just glad it had levelled out.  I was puffing a bit on the way up.

Shardeloes - Partridge we had a laugh at.  G rolled the large piece of flint straight onto her foot! Not the way to really do it do you think?  Glad she wasn't wearing flipflops. where could it be?
Shardeloes - Blackbird I managed to get pricked by every bit of holly much to G's amusement as I was shouting "owch, owch" from the bushes.  I also stood on the cache and got pricked a bit more for my efforts.

Shardeloes - Robin was a very quick spot for G. We were having a lovely chat as we went along but boy those nettles are tall!

Amersham to Little Missenden - Mop End was next. We had a good idea what it would be and where but no, it wasn't there. We searched around lots of other objects just in case but no, nothing.  We shoved our arms down the suspected object as far as we could go and still nothing.  Suspect this one has gone.  G had her arm in the top of the object when a couple of ladies pulled up almost next to us and looked a bit confused.  Bit hard to explain that so we decided to say nothing at all and just leave, following them up the path (I'm sure they thought we were doing something very suspicious as we began to fall back from them).

Kite (no strings attached)
Shardeloes - Nuthatch was a bit of a trickier find.  We both went to GZ and had a search but nothing came to hand despite there being a very obvious place.  We split up as our GPS's were bouncing around and looked for all possible suspects.  Eventually, after a few minutes, G went back to the original location and on looking around just a little more, spotted another likely place. A quick reach in and the cache was in hand.  Funny how sometimes you can't see things for looking.

Shardeloes - ChiffChaff was a prickly route in for G to make the find.  Not really a pile of logs and the cache was well exposed.  She covered it up a bit more but to be honest, it would be hard to put it where it is supposed to be as the nettles are so high you'd end up stinging your face if you leaned down to get it.  We suspected that's why it was where it was for the summer maybe?  Our phones predictive text made us laugh here, instead of "prickles from trousers" it entered the log as "pupils from Trussocks".  Err...yep, sounds about right.

Shardeloes - Woodpecker was an easy spot but again, we were chatting so much we walked right past GZ before we bothered to check the distance.  Oops!

Shardeloes - Pheasant was certainly helped by the clue. We did wonder if we'd find it after two previous DNFs and the GPS was all over the place but without too much delay, it was in hand.

Amersham to Little Missenden - A quiet Place is where I crouched down to get the cache and sat on the most stingy nettles you're ever going to find!  Jeans were no protection.   My thighs and bottom! Owwwwwww.......

Shardeloes - Skylark said camoflagued string.  I have to say that the string (or bootlace) would only be camoflagued if the fence were painted in stripes *grin*.  A very easy find. Also, not hanging, but more 'on a piece of string touching the ground'. Made us laugh.

Shardeloes - Kestrel.  We were distracted here by the biggest bench seat we've ever seen with a number on it.  Wow, you could fit a lot of people onto that. Oh, wait, hang on there's another.  Ah, horse jumps.  Would have been a bit awkward to sit here with a picnic and suddenly find the equivalent of the Grand National hurtling down on you.

Have a seat....or maybe not

Shardeloes - Chaffinch.  A quick find here which is fortunate as my phone battery is dying now!

Shardeloes - Rook was a neat cache but boy it's busy here again with people and horses. Didn't spot the elderly muggles approaching as I made the retrieve.  Smiled at them but they looked a bit perturbed and hurried past us.

Amersham to Little Missenden - Shardeloes was our 20th find of the day. This is now officially our best caching day and once again we've done it together.  G went in to do the find and only looked at what we would have considered to be litter due to the clue.

Looks like it rolled away
Shardeloes - Heron. I was convinced here we were off the path but the GPS told us otherwise. Rather an odd place to cross as it's a cricket pitch and you walk right through the green to the left of it.  Goodness knows how you follow the unmarked footpath when there's a cricket game on (suppose you have to be a good catcher).  Fortunately some people emerged from the area we were heading too and walked towards us so we knew we were on the right path.  Would be nice if it were marked out a bit though.

Shardeloes - Coot.  Would have been nice for the GPS to have settled down BEFORE I went into two separate hawthorn trees and got pricked to bits.  Yes, you guessed it, the right one needed not bending down, getting prickled or getting my rucksack stuck!

Stand alone at Shardeloes was an easy spot but had to wait for muggles to pass.

Shardeloes - Owl was where I risked life and limb to scale an enormous lime tree to make the retrieve.  Darn, you got me, it was just standing on part of the tree 2 feet from the ground but it sounded impressive right?

Man's best friend was a quick spot and our 25th cache of the day.  A new record.

We walked back along the way we had come to the car but the pub we'd parked by was still closed (I think some around these country parts don't open again until 6pm).  G spotted there was another cache not too far away so it seemed rude not to do it.  Off we walked down the lane to Amersham to Little Missenden - Little Missenden which was a very easy find despite the GPS saying it was in the middle of a small park area.  The clue gave it away so a quick retrieve was made.

The pub opposite here was open so we went to sit in the garden area on comfy seats to rest our legs after our lovely walk but typically, someone sat right next to us and lit cigarettes that blew straight on us.  The whole flipping area was empty!  Argh. A quick move and somewhere smoke free was found.  A bit more of a chat, congratulating ourselves on 26 caches in a day and off we went our separate ways until a few months time when we're planning to reach 30 in a day.

G was sneaky on her way home and let me know via Facebook that she'd found 2 more so her best is now 28.  Definitely 30 next time for us then!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Wisley apples and pears

Here comes trouble!
On Friday of last week, N and I decided to have a nice walk around together at our favourite place, RHS Wisley.  I wanted a bit of fresh air and to wear those little legs out so what better place to go.

Now smell these ones mummy

As usual, N took the lead and away we went.  She had me crouching down sniffing lots of roses before we saw a sign saying that you could pick your own fruit that day, but sadly later than we could stay.

No, this one isn't any good
N was a bit disappointed about this but with fruit dropping everywhere, I suggested that we could see if we could find a little apple on the ground for her.  Her face lit up.

Off we went through the orchards and the first thing she found was a pear in the 'market garden' area.  I was amazed how good it looked as I was expecting her to pick it up and see it all rotten on one side.  I suggested she put it down but no way was she having this. Trust me Wisley, you do not want to see her tantrums *grin*

Look at the size of this apple
Off we toddled to the orchard and she found two apples that were good (ok, admittedly, she picked up lots that weren't) and therefore she came away with 3 pieces of fruit.

Look what I found!
I hope I won't get in trouble for that!

A quick wander around the Glasshouse, spotting a sleeping duck first, before we headed home.

She loved the big red apple and ate it as soon as we got in.  The pear is sitting on our windowsill in the hope it will ripen and the other apple she carried carefully all the way home then dropped on our stone kitchen floor. Typical huh?

We never knew you could do fruit picking at Wisley so we'll keep an eye out for it next time. The girls would adore picking their own fruit and I think that's a great thing to get children into.  What a fun but educational experience at the same time.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Geocaching in Maidenhead

Gate to nowhere
 Yesterday, J and I headed off to Maidenhead to pick up a few geocaches.  It's been a stressful couple of days for me (or should I say evenings/nights) with the youngest two of late so hubby arrived home from work early to give me a bit of time to relax.

Our first was a quick stop in a road I've never been down before (nice houses) and a little stroll back to the Gate to Nowhere.  We spotted it as we went past and, as you can see from the picture, it really is a gate to nowhere. I wonder what was once here?

Took us a few minutes to locate the cache, which was done when I stuck my head through the middle part much to J's amusement.

Guards Park
Away we went again and parked up near the Thames to pick up another couple of caches. First was the lovely On Guard at the Park (another place I never knew existed).  It took us a few minutes to locate the cache but it was soon in hand.  We sat on a nearby bench to sign it.  There was a little bridge that led over to an island but we decided to not go explore that today, as we had already decided to walk along the riverside to our next find.

Away we went to find Where the trains go by, by, by (8).  The stroll over the bridge and down the roadway was nice and we were soon by the bridge.  It was interesting to read about the two main spans and of course J had to try the echo out underneath, which certainly worked well.

A party boat went past as we were approaching our final location. It was a very sedate party though - no booze cruise here - as most of the travellers must have been 60+.  They were clearly having a good time though and the sun had made an appearance.

A fisherman watched us as we strolled along but was fortunately distracted enough as we neared GZ.  I made the grab as J does not like spiders/webs and we soon had the log signed.  Afterwards we went and sat on the big steps nearby and watched some boats going up and down, and pondered on how much the houses opposite with their own moorings would be worth.

A few caches to finish our day and a lovely time with my teen.  Well worth a little Sunday stroll.