Saturday, 7 October 2017

Alfie Merritt March caches in Chessington

We had so enjoyed the Alfieo caches in Cobham that we decided to find somewhere else that he had set some out.  Spotted a selection a bit further away in Chessington, so today ourselves and two sets of friends (with 8 children/grandchildren between us) headed off.   Caching today with Lysverity and Rupunzel.08.

Photos in no particular order.

The first one was very easy and spotted by my 8 year old before we'd even got there.  March 3 started us off.  

Use a flat head for signing the log
We then decided to head to our left and do the ones down this alleyway.  March 2 was another quick spot by my 8 year old whilst the rest of us had our heads stuck in the shrubbery!  I'm beginning to think these Alfieo caches are more set for children then the previous ones had been. More fun for them, rather than watching us adults messing about trying to make retrieves.

March was a nice spot by my 6 year old.  The children are doing really well!  On to the road for a little walk up to the next bit of footpath.  Some horses were peering over to see what we were up to.

Alfie's Ultimate Free Climb was a tad too far for us.  Started but thought better of it, especially as it appeared it was high up that tree. Couldn't see the cache from the ground but assumed it was still there.  Broken bones isn't something we were prepared to risk.

We climb with style!

Alfie's Safari Skylight was another climb, but a much more manageable one.  Much assisting was needed for all getting up and down and proved hilarious at points!  Cache found and in good condition though.

Winnie Hill Walkabout was a great spot by Lysverity.  Quite a few of us had looked at it when she picked it up and asked if that was it.  I spotted that it was and then we set about getting to it.  It's surprising what supplies the men were carrying with them!  They seemed to have an entire workbench in pockets!  Soon into the cache (not easy to open) and logbook signed.  It seems it's not been found since 30th December 2016, so we can confirm it's all good still. 

Back to the park afterwards for the children to have a play and to eat some more of our snacks. 

It stated to drizzle at this point so after 20 minutes we decided to get going and head home without getting the final caches.  Got back to the car before it began to rain too much.