Monday, 27 November 2017

Mother and daughter photo shoot

My teen and I had booked on a mother and daughter photo shoot in London and Saturday was the day.  We headed off to London and grabbed a light lunch before arriving at the studio.

We went to The Picture House at Hatton Garden.  Made most welcome by all the staff there.  What a lovely place.  We sat down and I had a nice cuppa (it was very cold out) and ate a few chocolates (not too many or I'll have to hold my tummy in even more *grin*).  

Teen having her hair done (make-up on)
Hair and make-up was next for us.  The make-up ladies were wonderful and gave us both exactly what we wanted (their advice was excellent too).  Nails were next.  How glam are we looking!

The photographer was huge fun and threatened the teen with an aerobic shoot (trust me, this is her worst nightmare) and we were having such a laugh about it.  He really made us relax and we had huge fun during the shoot.  Nice to be able to change clothes too and have some different looks.

The photos were amazing and it took us a while to decide which ones we like best. The package we received was brilliant and we came away with a disk full of pictures to print out (including 2 free ones).  

I can't recommend this place enough. Even if you're not close to London, make the effort to go there.  You won't be disappointed.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Ottershaw Geocaching

We met up with two lots of friends today to have a wander around Eli's Walk cache series.  We managed to park in the two separate car parks and wait for each other.  Fortunately hubby said "do you think they're here yet" which prompted a phone call to find we were opposite sides of the field *grin*.

Eli's Walk 1 was our first cache.  A good spot for the children.  We spent quite a while here waiting for them to decide what to swap!

Eli's Walk 2 we missed at first and then was spotted by one of the 9 year olds. Why didn't we see that?

Eli's Walk 3 was another quick spot.  This is a lovely walk around the woods.  The colours of the leaves are stunning.

Farewell Ottershaw was my 900th geocache!  Yay!  These caches are all child friendly and they are enjoying them.  Eli's Walk 4 was a fantastic cache. Have seen this type before but this was incredibly well hidden!  We were all searching when I heard something hit the ground. One of the youngest ones had knocked it off.  A bit of a search in the leaves and it was spotted.  Fantastic!  Definitely a favourite point here.

Eli's Walk 5 was a bit difficult. Our GPS's were all pointing in different directions!  How weird. We'd spotted something immediately as we got to this area but dismissed it due to the GPS keeping us walking forward.  We now investigated that again.  Yes, cache was there.  Eli's Walk 6 was a fabulous ammo tin. You don't see too many of those now so a nice find.  It's just starting to rain a bit harder so we're heading back to the car now.

Eli's Walk 8 was our last one of the day.  Awful here as it is dog poo city. 3 poos around the normal rubbish bin alone :(  Why can't people pick it up.  2 of us stepped in it.  Finally found the cache.  Seen lots of these but never one this colour.  How weird.  Great spot by one of the adults though.

It was lovely to get out for a nice walk together.  Fortunately the weather held off until the end.  Definitely a great set for children.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Firework fun

Well, I say fun but it didn't last too long.  We went to the girls' school display.  S really enjoys fireworks now but N still isn't sure. Last year she managed the display with ear defenders on but still cried through most of it.  This year she wanted to go again, but unfortunately she got in a bit of a dither very early on so we left within 5 minutes of it starting.

I was a little disappointed as it must have gone on no longer than 15 minutes, therefore costing us £1 per minute.  I know it all raises funds for the school but even so...  Think next year we'll stand in the garden and watch!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Halloween fun

We had a pretty sedate halloween this year.  The girls did a little 'treat or treat'-ing around our close neighbours and then we headed off for N's swimming lesson.

After that, we went to our local Pizza Express for dinner together.  A final trick or treat at a friend's house on our way home and that was it.

Why so low key?  Well, last year a few things happened. Firstly, all that 'killer clown' nonsense was going on, which honestly put me off somewhat.  Secondly, greedy children turning up at our door thinking it was acceptable to put both hands into the sweet tin and empty it.  I slapped one on the back of the hand and he dropped all the sweets - greedy little git!  Thirdly, I actually think halloween is another of those irritating things that has arrived from our cousins across The Pond and really should have stayed there!

Is there a word for a halloween scrooge? *grin*