Sculpture Trail at RHS Wisley

We popped over to our favourite gardens today, RHS Wisley, not realising the Sculpture Trail was on.

Fun to see the creative lawn-mowing that had taken place as we entered.  Sadly I needed to be about 7' tall for you to get the full effect but you get the jist I'm sure.

Lots of very good sculptures to look at this year and still, I'm pleased to say, quite a few we had no clue what they were.

We like a bit of intrigue in our lives *grin*

The girls led the way and off we went.


Gorgeous tree - but around £16,000

This one of the tiger was excellent but I needed to get the girls round to the front quickly before they started asking too many questions as it was clearly a male *cough*

He's behind you!

Pouncing Tiger, Hidden Children

Poppy Pods

Fawn Head

Circus, Afro, Circus, polkadots though

The girls liked this one but wanted to climb on it which I don't think was the sculpture's idea really.

Lovely owl

Slightly scary owl

I told the girls it was a Monk

I couldn't quite work this one out. Something about half animal, half person (mermaid) and death.

The girls enjoyed sitting on the big stones watching the fish and ducks.

Shell made of fish

We liked this one called Seasons and the girls enjoyed looking at all the depictions of the changing seasons. S declared the swallows were in fact "flying fish as they have tails".

S said this was a see-saw. I'm not sure she was right

This was S's absolute favourite sculpture. She said it was the best thing she had seen and she loves cats.

I thought this dog was fantastic. The girls asked if it was real as we approached.  It looks just like my sister's collies before they dash off to do their agility trials.

Hare today, gone tomorrow
The grounds outside the main restaurant area were cordoned off with tents going up ready for the Wisley Flower Show which commences soon (yes, we'll be there).

Another enjoyable day but a quiet note to Wisley staff at the restaurant - open the ice cream parlour before/by Noon as children love your ice cream and so do us adults *smile*


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