Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash Review

I was recently sent a 350ml bottle of Fit to review.

Fit is an antibacterial fruit and vegetable wash made of all natural ingredients.

The concept behind Fit is to clean away all pesticides and bacteria. Articles in the news recently such as the E.coli outbreak in France have made many people think harder about where their fruit and veg has come from and who has been handling it. We have all seen the TV programmes where experts demonstrate how many nasties are living on our foods haven't we!

Fit is used by spraying directly onto the produce which "removes 98% more chemicals and wax than water alone", wipe and then rinse under water.

As a person who always washes fruit and vegetables anyway, I wondered how Fit could benefit me.

Before receiving the product, I considered that it might be useful to families such as ours that go out and about a lot and sometimes stop to buy fruit for the children to eat. Unfortunately, the need to still wash under water even when using Fit negates that idea, which I think is a shame.

Having used it on a variety of vegetables and fruit, my initial thought was that it was an extra step that I did not really need to do. My apples seemed to have far less shine (a sign that Fit has removed the wax no doubt) and I did have trouble cleaning it off strawberries and raspberries enough that the bitter taste completely disappeared. Even rinsing under the tap for a good 10-15 seconds didn't quite do the trick. My expert taster (2 year old toddler) complained that her breakfast "tastes funny mummy" and wouldn't eat it. I had to agree with her that there was a bitterness to the strawberries. I rinsed them again, giving them as good a rub as you can with a soft fruit, and after another 10 seconds or so, they tasted fine but she would not eat them.

It should also be noted that Fit removes preservatives that are sprayed on fruit and vegetables so you should only use it just before eating. Do not spray on everything you buy and expect it to last as long. In effect, Fit reduces the item back to it's natural state in this respect.

Looking at the website, a spray bottle of Fit retails for £4.99 for 350ml. I would consider that quite a luxury in today's economy when you can simply give all your produce a jolly good scrub under the tap.

I cannot see this product being for me but I could see it being of benefit to those who have a sensitive digestive system.

As I said earlier, if there was a version of Fit that didn't need to be rinsed off, I could see it being of far more benefit and use.

Thanks to Healthy PR for contacting me and sending the product. This review is, as you would expect, entirely my own opinion.


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