RHS Wisley

We have just taken out membership for RHS and yesterday, despite the weather, decided we needed some fresh air so where better to go.

We packed our waterproofs and headed off.  Parking up, we decided that we were going to retrieve a couple of geocaches at Wisley Airfield first.  We had missed two on our last trip around.  Well, I couldn't find one and we forgot about the other but it's close enough ;-)

S went on her scooter and did really well bar one little accident where a crack in the road stopped her dead.  Fortunately she was ok but a little shaken (she has a lovely hat that she wears just in case).  
The first cache was along some trees beside a field. Everything certainly has sprouted since we were last there.  It was an easy find for S and she was very proud of herself for spotting it before daddy did (well, he never said he saw it).  The second was one I couldn't find before in a tree.  Would you believe that this time within minutes I spotted it. Ironic really as last time there were barely any leaves and this time the tree was covered.  Cachers eyes were working today clearly.

Back we went to RHS and started our wander around.  The girls seemed to enjoy looking at all the flowers and we went to see the fountain.  As we went under the little tunnel, a duck with her ducklings came along. How cute!  Unfortunately for us, we seem to have children who are petrified of pretty much all wildlife.  As the little fluffy ducklings approached, S had to be picked up by daddy and N, sitting in her pushchair, began to cry.  Who'd have believed it. 

The fountain was very pretty and the backdrop of the house was great.  I would like to live in a place like that (less people in my garden though).

We then went around to the Pagoda and S fed the fish with her puffs. They seemed to enjoy Organics Spicy Tomato noughts and crosses :)

Over to the glasshouse for a final bit of a walk in the drizzle.  I have to say the orchids are my favourite and RHS have nearly got theirs to look as nice as the ones on my kitchen windowsill ;-)  S loved the waterfall and N was busy shouting at the plants as we went past, quite happy though.

After that we headed to the cafe for a sit down and suddenly, halfway though our drinks, noticed we were in the area for feeding mums.  Oops.  We just thought it was a nice secluded little seating bit and now we know why.   At least there was noone who needed it so we stayed put.  I was a little surprised by the high prices in the cafe and the lack of cakes that were not covered in nuts of one description or another, but at least we had a nice sit down.

Back we headed to the car with both girls running around on the grass happily wearing themselves out.  They were both asleep in a few minutes as we set off.

I think we will get a lot of use of our annual membership as we only saw a small part of the gardens and are looking forward to exploring more - hopefully in the sunshine next time.


  1. What a lovely day out you had.

    We really enjoy Wisley and use our membership a lot. It doesn't matter what time of year it is, there is always something to see. If you like growing your own, pop up to Mr McGregors veggie plot for great ideas.

    1. We are so looking forward to seeing how the gardens change through the seasons. I suspect we will be up there a lot :) I am awful at grow your own but it would be nice for the girls to do so I'll take a look - thank you :)


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