Roseola Infantum - a Harry Potter spell or a virus?

Harry Potter couldn't cast this spell
No, it's not a Harry Potter spell but a little known virus that affects children between 6 months and 3 years.

N came out in a rash a couple of weeks ago. As children are, she was fine the day before and we'd been to Wisley having a lovely picnic but the next day she had a rash on her upper back and upper arms.  It disappeared when I pressed it (my first course of action for *any* rash) and she wasn't unwell in herself. No temperature or appearing to be under the weather. I presumed that it was simply a heat rash or hives. Perhaps rolling around on the grass at Wisley something had irritated her skin?

The following day it looked a bit worse and she had it all over her face too.  I made an appointment at the doctors for her immediately and a few hours later hubby took her down.  Having given her a thorough check, the doctor said it was Roseola Infantum aka Three Day Fever.

There seems to be little known about this 'common' virus.  Of course, she was contagious but it turns out that she was up to 10 days ago BEFORE the rash even makes an appearance. Typical of a childhood illness isn't it - you don't know you have it until it's too late for everyone around you!

As she'd been in and out of school with S, I called them up to let them know about it, sending a picture of N's back to help other parents.  The children themselves wouldn't catch it but there are also a lot of younger siblings so best to be warned.

N showed no signs of the temperature during the whole process but the rash did appear on her face so it clearly is different in every child.  Some need Calpol (or equivalent) whereas others, like N, were absolutely fine but it's always worth getting it checked out as you want to eliminate anything more serious such as Measles.

Fortunately a few days later the rash started to vanish (from her face first) and she is back to...errr...the same as she was when she had the rash, just less spotty!


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